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let us go to work for you! With over 25 years experience in the CAD/CAM, CAE and PLM markets we can help jump start your sales or fill in the gaps when you have personel changes.

Market Research

Research and analysis aids strategic thinking and decision making. Good market research and analysis reduces the risk of making the wrong decision. So, whether you wish to launch a new product, extend an established brand, plan market diversification or simply assess a current situation or trend, Business Advantage will provide the solutions. Business Advantage provides you with the business-to-business information you need to maximise profits in existing markets or new/developing markets. Our B2B research and analysis expertise and in-depth knowledge of the IT and Telecommunicationsindustries enables us to supply high quality, accurate market intelligence. This means you can then implement more profitable business and marketing plans. Our recent article Know Your Market - A Guide to Market Analysis looks at why conducting a Market Analysis is essential to determine if there is a need for your product or service. Download our free whitepaper on Understanding International B2B Research. 

Customer Lists - CAD/CAM, CAE and PLM/IT

We track software usage market intelligence for nearly all the major OEM's in each market. Company and contact usage for Autodesk, ANSYS, Dassault, PTC, Siemens PLM and SolidWorks products just to name a few.

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Marketing Research and Analysis Techniques

 Qualitative research allows us to explore issues in depth in a relatively unstructured manner, yielding insight into how people really think and behave and more importantly why. Quantitative research provides metrics and statistically based numerical data that measure the response to pre-defined questions. Hybrid approach offers the benefits of qualitative and quantitative research combined with additional services such as secondary research, competitor analysis, lead generation and consultancy.Business Advantage offers a range of market and analysis services including: 

Channel research

Competitor analysis

mage and awareness

Market sizing and trends

New market opportunities

New product development

Pricing research

Satisfaction Studies

Usage and attitude 

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